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News and views from the Louisiana Capitol
Sunday, September 24, 2006

First 4 amendments get Blanco's blessing
Gov. Kathleen Blanco is pushing for the passage of the first four proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot Saturday, but she is not opposed to any of the 13 that voters will be asked to approve, said Roderick Hawkins, the governor's deputy press secretary. Hawkins said Blanco is touting the passage of the four measures dealing with consolidation of levee districts in southeast Louisiana and measures aimed at strengthening coastal and hurricane protection. He said she is using her public speaking engagements to urge passage of the four. "She is focused on (constitutional amendments) one through four, but she is fine with the other amendments" and has not come out against any of them, including a controversial measure dealing with public bodies taking private property for public uses, and others dealing with reworking the qualifications for judgeship candidates and allowing displaced homeowners to keep their homestead exemptions for five years. "She is not speaking for them (the other nine), but she is not opposed to them," Hawkins said. He said in the last days of the campaign, Blanco might use some of her campaign money to buy radio or television to promote the passage of the four proposals.


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