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Gambit Weekly

Enraged and Engaged

September 17, 2006
By Clancy DuBos

Amendment 3 - FOR
This proposition creates two regional flood-protection authorities in southeast Louisiana by consolidating some of the local levee boards.  The original idea was to create just one levee board for all of southeast Louisiana, but that idea proved politically impossible despite massive public pressure in support of it.  If passed, this proposition would still require clarifying legislation to protect and preserve cherished green space and land-use covenants along the New Orleans Lakefront, but those matters should be easily addressed in the next legislative session.  The most important elements of this reform provide higher professional and ethical standards for levee board membership and take local legislators out of the appointment process.  More work remains to be done, but this is an important first step.  We urge our readers to vote for Amendment 3.




September 2006