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Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans will receive the "Hero of the Storm" award at the upcoming National Party Conventions


Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans will travel to the National Party Conventions to receive the "Hero of the Storm" award from Friends of New Orleans (FONO), and to convey its initiatives of reform and renewal for greater New Orleans and a better Louisiana.

"This honor gives us the opportunity to highlight before national leadership the power of citizens voices as we promote reform of our government and renewal  and rebuilding of our beloved city." Ruthie Frierson, Founder & Chairman of Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans.

FONO will host non-partisan benefit events — in Denver on August 24 and in St. Paul on Sept. 1 — at both Democratic and Republican party locations to honor the third anniversary of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The convention events will showcase the best of Louisiana food and music, while calling attention to the ongoing rebuilding effort and the immediate need to prevent further loss of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands.




September 2006