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OIG 2010 Town Forum Supporting Organizations

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Inspector General’s Community Forum


ethics forum
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May 11, 2010

Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans sponsored the Inspector General’s Community Forum with Xavier University and Loyola University on May 11, 2010 at Xavier University with the support of 26 other civic and good government organizations. Featured speakers were Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux, Councilman Arnie Feilkow, Susan Hutson, Independent Police Monitor, Jim Letten, US Attorney, Reverend Cornelius Tilton, and Ethics Review Board.

The Inspector General presented the IG’s Strategic Plan for 2010-2013 and encouraged citizens to be involved in the fight against public fraud and waste. Xavier

President Norman Francis introduced newly elected Mitch Landrieu who expressed his strong support for the office of Inspector General.Other highlights were the introduction of the new Independent Police Monitor, Susan Hutson, staff members of the office of the IG, and members of the Ethics Review Board. Media headlines of the event read: Landrieu pledges new relationship between the IG’s office and the Mayor’s office; IG encourages community involvement; Landrieu promises NOPD cooperation with Police Monitor.