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Mayor Landrieu calls special session to select Public Belt board

October 6,2010

New Orleans - Mayor Mitch Landrieu has just called a special session of the New Orleans City Council for Thursday at 9:45 a.m. to confirm, ratify, and approve appointees to the Public Belt Railroad Commission. Nominees will be presented to the city council moments earlier during a 9 a.m. Governmental Affairs Committee meeting.

A Landrieu official notified the council of the meeting by way of an e-mail message this morning.

“We have worked hard in the past few months to establish procedures that limit the instances where anything is brought last minute to the Council,” wrote Mike Sherman, Director of Intergovernmental Relations. “The Public Belt is an extraordinary circumstance and seating a board is vital to ensure continuity of operations.”

The nominees are:
• Edgar Lawrence Chase, III
• R. Hunter Pierson, Jr.
• Ruthie Frierson
• Scott Cowen
• Kevin Wildes
• Madlyn B. Bagneris
• Sidney Barthelemy
• Marvalene Hughes
• Lynes R. Sloss







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