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The Recovery School District

Superintendent John White

Recovery School District (RSD) Superintendent John White met with members of Citizens for 1
Greater New Orleans on September 15th to discuss his plan, entitled What Will It Take? comprised of
twelve strategic commitments designed to ensure the success of students in the district. 

For additional information about Mr. White's plan, please visit the RSD website.

The Recovery School District (RSD) is a legislatively-enacted authority for the state to take over chronically failing schools. When Hurricane Katrina hit in August of 2005, New Orleans Public Schools (NOPS) were in academic and financial crises. The Orleans Parish School Board oversaw the second worst-performing district in the state. The dropout rate was 70%; 1 in 4 New Orleanians had not completed high school; 40% of adults could not read above the fifth-grade level; there had been 8 Superintendents in 7 years. In November of 2005 the State Legislature passed Act 35 which allowed the state to take over all public schools in Orleans Parish that were below the state-average in academic performance. This resulted in over 100 schools being turned over to the state.

The RSD in New Orleans in the 2012-13 school year operated 68 schools, which educated approximately 30,000 students: Twelve direct-run schools educated 4,000 students, and fifty-six charters educated 26,000 students. The RSD has announced that its goal is to find quality charter operators for all of its schools.

    • For more in-depth information about The Recovery School District, please visit www.rsdla.net