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Criminal Justice Committee

    Criminal Justice

Committee Members 2017:

  • Linda Roussel, Chair
  • Brenda Brown
  • Barbara Bush
  • Kara French
  • Lisa Jordan
  • Kathleen McCall
  • Hope Meyer
  • Eva St. Martin

Retired/Advisory Members:

  • Kim Carver
  • Erin Hangartner
  • Pam Farnsworth
  • Brenda Fenner
  • Linda Hart
  • Patti Lapeyre
  • Henry Lowentritt
  • Ann Rabin
  • Nicole Spangenberg
  • Holli Wiseman
  • Ruthie Frierson, Ex-Officio



The dysfunctional criminal justice system provoked a great deal of ire and concern post Katrina. In response, the Criminal Justice Reform Committee was formed in June 2006. The committee sought to gain a broad-based understanding of the people and processes of the local criminal justice system through in depth interviews and the establishment of relationships of key decision makers.


The committee compiled their findings into a consolidated and thorough final report, complete with recommendations for immediate action; published and presented the report to the Executive Committee of Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans in January 2007. These recommendations included:

             Transparency and accountability through an integrated communication system linking all criminal justice components

             A citizens led “watch dog” group

             Creation of a broad based collaborative to advance reform efforts


Criminal Justice Reform Committee Members 2010

Ruthie Frierson, Ex-Officio

Ann Rabin

Brenda Brown

Barbara Bush

Pam Farnsworth

Kara French

Zully Jimenez

Hope Meyer

Linda Roussel

Retired/Advisory Members:

Kim Carver

Erin Hangartner

Brenda Fenner

Linda Hart

Patti Lapeyre

Henry Lowentritt

Nicole Spangenberg

Holli Wiseman