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FNO Progress Report - 5/2011


Forward New Orleans




Launched by the Business Council of New Orleans and the River Region, Forward New Orleans is a coalition of 30 diverse civic, neighborhood and business groups who have united behind demands for principled reform in such areas as crime, blight, city finance, economic development, city contracting and public education. The initiative encourages citizen-led assessments and reports on elected officials' promises to achieve the Forward New Orleans mandates.

Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans was a founding member of Forward New Orleans and remains an integral part of the coalition. Citizens for 1 endorsed the initial platform and participates in Forward New Orleans political candidate interviews, a critical step in holding candidates accountable. Citizens for 1 attends coalition meetings and makes written progress reports as Forward New Orleans works toward a City Hall that embodies accountability, transparency, efficiency and the appropriate exercise of fiduciary duty.


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