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Vote Yes October 14th to all 3 Millages!

Proud of how far we’ve come in New Orleans school reform? Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans is! But, we know that there is much more work to be done.

On October 14, at the bottom of a very long ballot, there are three millage renewals. These millages supporting New Orleans public schools are not new, but renewals of current millages used to raise revenue dedicated by law to textbooks, classroom materials, dropout prevention programs, and raising teacher salaries – all of which are critical to the continuing improvement of public education for New Orleans’ children.

Please vote to renew these critical millages keeping all eyes on the goal: great schools for all of our children. The revenue raised by these millage renewals is directed to all New Orleans Public Schools, including charter-run schools and those managed by the Orleans Parish School Board. Don’t miss this opportunity to support public education in New Orleans and to keep our schools on the path of progress, reform and improved education for the children of New Orleans!

Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans urges you to vote "YES" to all three millage renewals on October 14th or it could cost almost $900 per child if not reestablished!


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