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Levee Reform

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...local levee boards neither designed not built this flawed system — it was entirely a federal project — people in metropolitan New Orleans recognized the need to create a unified board which had the ability to assess what the Corps was doing and which would keep its focus on flood protection, as divorced as possible from local politics. Citizens 1 for Greater New Orleans took the lead in convincing politicians to give up some of their own power over the old levees boards, combine them, and establish a process that would lead to the appointment of a technically competent board. No longer would the region be at the mercy of the Corps of Engineers. In the three years since the establishment of the new boards, the system has worked well. And Citizens for 1 has continued to support the new boards in the state legislature, when every year they have come under attack. Without a doubt, Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans has contributed to making greater New Orleans a safer and better-governed place"

John M. Barry,  

Author of “Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927”
Commissioner, The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority, East

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